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dc.creatorBojkovski, Jovan
dc.creatorVasić, A.
dc.creatorBugarski, Dejan
dc.creatorZdravković, N.
dc.creatorVakanjac, Slobodanka
dc.creatorKaba, J.
dc.creatorCzopowicz, M.
dc.creatorSilaghi, Cornelia
dc.creatorNieder, Marion
dc.creatorSpinu, Marina
dc.creatorPavlović, I.
dc.description.abstractSchmallenberg virus is the emerging pathogen which affects bovine, ovine and caprine species throughout Europe. It was detected for the first time in 2011 in Germany near the town of Schmallenberg (North Rhine-Westphalia). It is classified in family Bunyaviridae and Orthobunyavirus genus and it is not a zoonotic agent. Due to current epizootiological situation in surrounding countries the serological investigation of the presence of specific antibodies to carried out in the Republic of Serbia. Total of 119 dairy cattle blood sera were collected in May and June 2013 in 5 different locations in the Republic of Serbia. Most of the cows were grazing on pastures, heavily infestated by ticks and susceptible for bites of the vectors. The method used in this study was commercial indirect ELISA test for detection of specific Schmallenberg antibodies (ID Screen Schmallenberg virus indirect-IDvet Innovative Diagnostics). From the total of 119 cattle blood sera 16 from two different locations were tested positive and one serum in the third location had doubtful reaction. These are the first results of seropositivity to Schmallenberg virus in the Republic of Serbia. From the results obtained in this study it can be said that the Schmallenberg virus is in circulation in the Republic of Serbia and further investigations are needed in order to obtain virus isolate.en
dc.publisherNational Centre for Agrarian Sciences
dc.sourceBulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
dc.subjectSchmallenberg virusen
dc.subjectThe Republic of Serbiaen
dc.titleSchmallenberg virus antibodies detected in dairy cows in the Republic of Serbiaen
dcterms.abstractСилагхи, Цорнелиа; Бојковски, Јован; Бугарски, Дејан; Вакањац, Слободанка; Спину, Марина; Павловић, И.; Васић, A.; Здравковић, Н.; Каба, Ј.; Цзопоwицз, М.; Ниедер, Марион;
dc.citation.other21(4): 906-908

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