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      Analiza CHD gena ptica kao molekularnog markera za determinaciju pola [1]
      Analiza ekonometrijskih pokazatelja pri pojavi bolesti plavog jezika kod domaćih preživara u Republici Srbiji i izrada modela za kontrolu i praćenje [1]
      Analiza morfoloških promena, ekspresije i distribucije virusnog antigena u mozgu lisica prirodno inficiranih virusom štenećaka [1]
      Analiza povezanosti polimorfizma gena za laktoferin (LTF) sa zdravljem mlečne žlezde i proizvodnim karakteristikama krava holštajn-frizijske rase [1]
      Analysis of association lactofferin (LTF) gene polymorphism with mammary gland health and production characteristics of Holstein-Friesian cows [1]
      Analysis of econometric indicators in the case bluetongue disease in domestic ruminants in the Republic of Serbia and modeling for control and monitoring [1]
      Analysis of genetic variability and haplotype correlation between honey bee Apis mellifera and honey bee mite Varroa destructor [1]
      Analysis of morphological changes, expression and distribution of viral antigen in the brain of foxes naturally infected with canine distemper virus [1]
      Analysis of the CHD gene in birds as a molecular marker for sex determination [1]
      Biocompatibility of functionalized carbon fibers implanted in rabbit subcutaneous and muscle tissues [1]
      Biocompatibility of silver / poly(vinyl alcohol) / graphen nanocomposite hydrogels in rat subcutaneous tissues for biomedical applications [1]
      Bryophyte collection BEOU – a neglected national research treasure [1]
      Clinical and epizootiological examination of equine piroplasmosis on the central balkan region and its effect on host DNA damage [1]
      Comparative analysis of carcass meatiness and selected meat quality parameters of broilers [1]
      Comparative review of metabolic, endocrine and reproductive parameters of high yielding and autochthonic breeds of cows [1]
      Comparative study of mechanism of antiparasitic and toxic action of gabaergic and cholinergic antihelmintics [1]
      Comparative study of natriuretic atrial peptide concentration in domestic mountain horse, arabian horse and english thoroughbred horse after different types of work load [1]
      Determination of hair and milk cortisol and corticosterone as stress response indicators in cows treated with anti-ectpoarasitic drugs [1]
      Determination of heavy metals and metalloids content in the tissue of freshwater fish depending on the type of feeding [1]
      Dilution of the Antarctic Ozone Hole into Southern Midlatitudes [1]